​以愛共融 凝聚力量 改變生命

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LAAS always receives injured or sick home-less and abandoned animals case . It is a huge burden on medical and care expenses. We need public generosity for help and we also understands "self-reliance" .Except donations, We are selling pet's supplies to make profit for maintain our operation for animal's protection work.


LAAS doing "Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) program" together with volunteers. Volunteers wpaying attention to home-less animal health and lets a suitable home-less animals for neuter and vaccinations. , After the animals are recovered, they will be returned to their original place of residence. TNR is a effectively control and reduce home-less animals plan.Reduce the reproduction of home-less animals can reduce them wandering and cause of hygiene and noise problems in the community. It can also reduce the number of animal euthanasia .

Charitable Institute: 91/14736
AFCD exemption from holding an ATL no.:ORG-00088