​以愛共融 凝聚力量 改變生命

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LAAS receives many help of animal requests from citizens every day. Animals need a temporary sheltering to help them integrate into the human society, become good friends of mankind and start looking for new families before adoption.


Many families are considering for pets. To prepare materials is easy, but the mentality of taking care of animal needs to be experienced personally. LAAS welcomes families to apply to be a Temp-Sheltering.  Let's family members learn to take care pets and feel the love with animal! 

Want to apply Temp-home? Please visit our Facebook Page for news. We will consider applicant living environment for application. Please contact our Public Affairs Manager Ive Wong by Whatsapp, Thank you! 
Charitable Institute: 91/14736
AFCD exemption from holding an ATL no.:ORG-00088